Under Community Review

need correct icon/status for target files that had been updated/need to generated.

when a translation bundle is imported, the next step is generating target files. we only want to generate the files that had been updated in last drop, which means if the translation files was not updated or changed, we do not want to re-generate them again. (we always export all files including 100% translated, in case translator find any inconsistency or other issues in legacy files, so some old files might be changed).

but currently in Passolo, the icon does not reflect the file status exactly -- it appeared as "need to generate", but actually there is no change when generating the file again. we hope the icon could reflect its real status -- like in Source, if any target file has been changed, it will show the change icon, else it will not change (no icon).

this will reduce the risk in file management and save time/effort to re-generate all files again.