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Regular Expression Matching in filter

When setting up a basic expression in the filter dialog I am struggling to produce a filter that matches my requirements.

For example, i want to filter all strings in the stringlist that have an ID that ends with "<any-lowercase-char>SN".

There are several issues doing this currently.

1. I cannot anchor SN to the end of the string.

2. I have to use 26 separate "OR'd" rules, 1 for each letter of the alphabet.

3. I cannot use the GUI to create this filter, as there seems to be a limit on the number of lines allowed in a filter in the GUI.

4. If I export the rule and edit it manually, I can re-import it. It does work, but I can still only see the first 3 lines of the filter in the GUI.


Please allow the use of regular expressions in filters. You already allow it in the search dialog. I understand there may be a performance hit, but the flexibility of regexp filters outweighs that, for me anyway.

  • If we take the example of the find dialog, a check box is ticked to enable regexp. You could even use the same "drop-down" regexp builder.

    Not too sure how the filer dialog will become highly complex because the find dialog certainly isn't.

    Either way, for my specific requirement I have now written a tool that I can parse whatever regexp and set to read-only those selected strings.

    I'm not a fan of VB so tend to use this method for all my "add-ons".

    Still think it would be useful to have regexp support in filters.

  • The filter concept that uses the BASIC expressions can access all internal properties. In most cases this is complex enough for users Combining this with RegEx will end up in a highly complex user interface that cannot be configured easily by users.

    Users that are aware of RegEx can use the Filter macro to implement any filter that is needed.

    What about this solution for your specific problem: