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Reset hidden flag when source text has been changed

Actual situation: A flagged string with hidden stays hidden although the text has been changed, for example into translatable text. 

Description: Our workflow includes a lot of team members and a lot of large projects. Development team creates texts, documentation team processes LPU files and translation team translates tbulics. As a member of documentation team I am not able to know, if there was a text change for a flagged string. In case of a text change into translatable text the text will be displayed untranslated in the user interface. In my point of view text changes always need a new evaluation, no matter if there is a flag or not.

Solution: Reset flags for strings automatically after text changes. OR Implement a new string list operation for updating string lists regarding flags -> when the source of a flagged string has been changed set string to untranslated/remove flag

  • Thank you for this solution! We will implement this filter setting in our workflow.

  • The observed behavior is by design. Hidden entries should not be visible to translators and it must be ensured that the also changing source texts are always written to the target file without user action.

    Typical use case for our clients are the Version resources in projects with many DLLs. Usually the version number changes with every build and hiding the Version resources will ensure that the version number of all the generated translated DLLs equals the version number of the source DLL.

    It is unlikely that the proposed changes will be implemented as this is a very special requirement that also conflicts with current user requirements (see above). Not all flagged string entries must be reset when the source changes. I see different solution approaches:

    Manual with filtering:

    Create a new filter with the following settings.

    Open all the source lists and apply the filter to see, if there are hidden entries that were changed. Then you can unhide the entries that you want to translate.

    Automated with macro:

    Implement a small system macro that implements PSL_AfterUpdateSourceList() and is doing something like