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over 1 year ago

String list filter with reference language

I need to find strings that are identical in the target language and in the reference language. At the moment only source language (.SourceText) and target language (.Text) can be filtered, I need the additional possibility to filter by the active reference language (e.g. .ReferenceText). 

  • I'm sorry, I did not receive a notification of your response. 

    Thank you for the explanation of how the reference language works.

    As I often work with the reference language, I always wondered why the column was so limited in functionality.

    Indeed, I would love to see more flexibility and functionality in the reference column. Thank you for putting this on the list.

  • This is not possible. The reason is the way how the concept of the reference language was implemented many years ago.

    The data displayed in the Ref: column is not persistent, just stored in private variables and evaluated only during runtime, when the list is displayed.

    As a work-around I can offer a procedure that might be cumbersome. Select all entries in the translation list and copy the whole displayed and selected translation list data using CTRL+C into the clipboard. Now you can paste it into Excel and do a comparison of the columns you want to check to get the entries, where ref and target language are the same.

    Changes and enhancements of the COM object model will usually be collected for service releases or major releases. I will put it onto this list so that it will be analyzed and hopefully considered for upcoming COM object model enhancements.