Under Community Review

Update PO parser to support string IDs

It would be beneficial to have the PO parser pick up string IDs to better identify each translatable string.
At this point, the parser does not do so, and it makes it almost impossible for Passolo to perform alignment with existing translated files.

If source English and localized PO files are not perfectly in sync, line by line, Passolo will align wrongly.

I suggest to use the msgid item that come right before each translatable string (msgstr).

  • The observed behavior is during the alignment is correct. The files must have the same structure and the same order to get a correct alignment.

    By definition PO files are bilingual and its flat structure doesn’t define groups or any unique string ID. msgid contains the untranslated string while msgstr contains the translated string. msgctxt may contain context information, but this element is not mandatory.

    The suggested way to use msgid as the string ID will not work. There are some users that really insert unique string IDs into the msgid, but this will turn the file into a single-language file with a user defined syntax and the PO parser can’t be used.

    To achieve correct parsing and alignment these users have defined regular expressions and use the text file parser.