Show filenames of Excel files underlying TermExcelerator termbases in the Project settings > Termbases window

It would be very useful to be able to see the names of the actual Excel files being used by TermExcelerator in the Project settings > Termbases window.

Currently, if you are using more than one Excel file as a termbase (I am currently using 3), there is no way to tell them apart in the list. When using regular termbases, if you hover your mouse over one, its location will be shown, something like that would be useful here too. Or even better: can you make it so the actual .xls/.xlsx filename is shown?

I am really enjoying this little tool as it allows me to manage my termbases in Excel, which has several benefits. E.g., I can easily get rid of duplicates, and I can have all my termbases indexed in dtSearch! In fact, I'd say that for the average translator, this app could be much more useful than the standard MultiTerm termbase route. 

And a second request/idea: It doesn't seem to be possible to go back and change the settings for a particular TermExcelerator termbase once you have added one to your project.
Clicking Settings, e.g., after restarting Studio, has no effect. Is this by design? If not, can it be fixed?