Under Community Review

A filter in GroupShare dashboard: "only show me my projects"

There are many interesting ways to filter which projects display in GroupShare's dashboard (Projects -> All Projects) but one thing is surprisingly missing: a filter that could be used by a PM to only see the projects relevant to themselves. 

In other words, a way to hide all other projects, because other people's projects are normally irrelevant and confusing. 

In fact, if you consider the variety of project scenarios and the data GroupShare already holds, this could be most universal as the ability to filter by "PROJECT PHASE [pick one or many from 1-4] ASSIGNED TO [pick user from list or *]", not simply something around the originator.

Practical usage  of this would be for a PM to filter "show me all projects where I am down for Finalise (stage 4)" which would provide the PM with a list of projects she/he currently needs to follow. 

Such filter would also be useful to achieve lots of other views, like whether a particular vendor is currently assigned to more than one project as Translator (stage 2), or which PMs currently oversee which GS projects, or who is doing not much, or which projects are missing a phase, and many other.