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Change SDL services default log settings to avoid flooding the C Drive

Dear all, 

Following my experience with case 00575649, I would like to submit an enhancement request to change the default settings for all SDL service logs that can create log files.. 

With the current configuration, there is a high risk to get the C drive filled by logs entries (as it happened to our new production server), which causes the system to crash, due to no more space available.

My proposal would be to change the "ArchiveAboveSize", "MaxArchivesFiles" options in the services' config files to limit the probability of flooding a hard disk.

Thank you 


  • Hi - which GroupShare version are you using? We did do some changes in this area, specifically in the TM Service. There is an older CU where the default was set to Debug indeed. However, we changed that in our latest version. But apart from that, most services were set to normal log levels and normal number of files. So first I suggest you upgrade to GroupShare 2020 SR1 CU5 (we will release it sometime in the next 1,2 weeks) and start with a fresh Logs folder (move the content of your Logs folder to a temporary location for now rather then delete them). If you still find a service that is logging excesive amount of log files+their size, please let us know here which service. Note that you can always adjust that yourself, each service has a config file in their corresponding folder where the logging can be configured. Looking forward to hearing from you. Adrian