Idea Delivered

The SDL Trados GroupShare 2020 version (released Oct. 2020) introduced a new Online Editor edition, "Basic", which offers a more lightweight editor environment than the now called Advanced edition.
You can find more details about this release and the new features it offers in the release notes.

Create low-cost Online Editor version for review only

We often need to have our translations reviewed by client reviewers. Currently, we create Bilingual Review packages and reimport the reviewed files when we getthem back.

With the release of Online Editor we plan to have some of the work done through OE. OE Cals are fairly expensive and many of its features are not required for review. Therefore, we would like to suggest a low-cost "review-only" version of OE with these features:
- Only review tab active (translation is excluded)
- Only files with status "Review" would be shown
- Multiple files assigned to one reviewer should be selectable at the same time, perhaps via some temporary merge process.
- Lookups to TM are possible
- Changed/reviewed segments would remain in Draft status (until confirmed by a linguist)
- Track changes and comments always on.

  • Hi Burkhardt - just a thought but you could use translate5 ( to review sdlxliff files with comments and tracked changes online. As translate5 is open source it can be integrated with existing systems. Maybe its worth a look. Regards, Daniel