Idea Delivered

The SDL Trados GroupShare 2020 version (released Oct. 2020) newly introduced a new reporting module, which offers access to various reports.
You can find more details about this release and the new features it offers in the release notes.

Generate reports from Groupshare

Hello, i discussed with Adrian and he suggested that i submit this idea here for the GroupShare 2017 SR1. 

« I understand what you want to do and that it is quite inefficient as it is right now, but there is no way to produce these reports in GroupShare. GroupShare 2017 SR1 will be much more focused around the Project Management functionalities so I can see how this suggestion would make sense. Can you please post it on the website I gave you so that product management can consider it? » 

We need to generate reports from Groupshare. 

For example : 

- We need to know How many fuzzy and 100% there was for X projets over X time

- Every month, we evaluate the productivity of the projects manager. I want to know how many projects they created. I have to copy-paste from the project view in Groupshare all the data in an Excel.

- All other kind of productivity reports that we could pull out of Groupshare would be appreciated.