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Groupshare web interface, limit access to projects tab

When you have external Groupshare users that have access to Groupshare projects, they also have access to the Groupshare web interface. This means when they log in and view the project details they will use a second project server CAL (when accessing Groupshare via Studio desktop at the same time) and they might use an Online Editor CAL (when they maybe should not).

Why isn't there such an option among the permissions where you can grant selective access to the projects tab just as you can for the Reports, Dashboard etc.?



  • Adding also my comment.

    Perhaps the better and easier solution would be that use  of GroupShare DAshboard or Web interface - appart from Online editor would not use the CAL. 

    Checking projects is not what Trados and Groupshare are all about. At least for most of users.