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GS - Notify all users in active projects

With new GS CU's, which require server downtime, I think every administrator or PM would greatly appreciate  a feature where he / she could send »system notification mail« to users with work in progress.


What exactly do I mean.


The first option that would greatly help is to have a report that would give me users and their e-mail addresses, project / document assigned and status of the assigned project [i.e. translation, review, ... , and additionally also if the file is currently checked out to the user.].

With such report and information, PM could easily check (with some help of Excel) which translators or reviewers have projects assigned and send them e-mail notification about planned downtime or system outage.

PM could filter reviewers and send them a separate e-mail as to translators.

PM could also filter only those users who have files checked out and ask them to save them or check them in before the maintenance of GroupShare server.


A second option is a more fancy feature where above mention report, with some filtering could be “upgraded” to a GroupShare 2017 feature which could used by PM or administrator  to automatically send e-mail notification about planned downtime and ask the linguists to plan the work accordingly.