Under Community Review
over 2 years ago

Improve creation of projects from GroupShare Web client

Today, to create a project from GroupShare, you have to load your project template to the GroupShare server and create your project.  I've noticed two major issues with this:


  • If your Studio project template has language pairs with more than one source language (for example, English to French and German to English), then the upload to GroupShare will FAIL.  We should allow for this to work.

  • Related to this, even if you ensure all your language pairs have the same source language (for example, English), you are not prompted which language pair you want to use in the project.  GroupShare just assumes that you want them all.  If you don't, the only way to work around this is to create a template for each language pair, which is a major headache.

  • If that's the only solution SDL is proposing, then we need tools to split a multi-pair template to a series of single pair templates.

This was originated from  Case Details - 00346258 with SDL Support, who recommended to file an idea about it.