Idea Delivered

With SDL Trados GroupShare 2020 (released in Oct. 2019) it's now possible to edit existing project templates.

Make GS-based project templates editable in GroupShare 2017

We like the concept of project templates, especially when it comes to quickly creating new projects through the web interface.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to edit template settings directly in GS. It's also not possible to export the template.

That leads to a problem when you want to make a change to the template. You will need to identify the file-based version of the template which can be problematic since during the GS import you create a new name and lose the "connection" to the file-based template.

Next, you hope that the file-based template you found is exactly the same as the one on the server and has not been edited by someone after the upload! If it is the same, then you can make your change and upload it again. But if it isn't ... you end up with settings that may be quite different from what you had on the server.

My suggestions:

  • Display the file-based template name in GS instead of a new, free-form name. That way you have some basic versioning options.
  • Allow export of GS-based templates to be edited.
  • Allow in-place editing of GS-based project templates.

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