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over 1 year ago

Projects deleted in Groupshare are deleted in Studio (when Studio connects to the server)

You have to delete the projects from the GroupShare Webui and from the the project folder in the My Documents folder as well.

  • Hi Maurice,

    Indeed, when you re-open the GroupShare project, it is empty. The translation is not lost though - the sdlxliff on the GroupShare server is updated correctly when you save. If you do Cancel check-out and then do again Check out - you get the updated sdlxliff or if you open the project on a different machine or in Online Editor, the translations are there. Let me look into this a bit more and get back to you on that. In the meantime, we can operate on the assumption that the file would need to be checked in by the user at the end of their workday and you would need to coach the users to follow this process.

  • Hi. That's not the case for me (on Studio 14.1.10011.20356, GS.2017.SR1.1088). If I save then close then delete the projects folder then reopen the application and reconnect to GS and re-open the project, the translations are lost.

  • Hi Maurice,

    The translation is saved into GroupShare also before checking in, each time the file is saved. Studio now has the AutoSave option, which by default is set to 10 minutes, but you can modify that under File - Options - Editor. So a file that is checkout and is being edited does not have to be checked back in for the server version of it to be updated, it just has to be saved.

    However, I recommend you coach your translators to always check back the files in the GroupShare project at the end of the day or at the end of any work session and not leave the files checked out to them. They can leave the files in the same GroupShare phase, so it's visible to anyone looking at that project who should be working on the file so there is no need to keep it check-out to show that. It's just a better practice in general.

    Therefore, if the file deletion would occur each morning when they turn their computers on, there would be no work lost.

    Let me know if you have further questions.

  • However, if we delete the whole folder and not only 'old' files then we will delete any work that has not been checked in to GroupShare.

  • I don't think deleting individual files is a good idea. You could have one project folder that has files in it with different time stamps, so you could potentially just be deleting some files from a project folder. Also, you would have the projects.xml file that contains the list of open project in Studio - you can either delete this file and then Studio creates a new, empty one or not delete it. I don't know of a easy way to just delete some entries from it so that you synchronize that with whatever files you are deleting. So I think this approach is risky. You won't lose data, but you may have your users report errors in Studio.