Idea Delivered
over 1 year ago

Hi all,

Concurrent editing has now been released with GroupShare 2017 SR1 in November 2017.

So while in Studio you will still only be able to work with one user per file, in the Online Editor flow multiple users will be able to work concurrently, including Review happening while Translation is still on going.


Simultaneous work with one document whithin Groupshare

The simultaneous work with one document is highly demanded by translators according to our experience. It would be great to publish file on GroupShare and open it in  Studio by several users at once.
There are three possible scenarios:
  1. Translators work with one document in real time, several translators work with the text and the editor reviews the translation. It’s necessary for urgent translation.  It will be appreciated by LSP and it’s already supported by other CAT tools.
  2. Several translators can see all segments but can edit only the part that they were assigned to. It will allow no to lose context. It’s useful when it necessary to translate one large document about 300 pages. It will be appreciated by translation departments in the companies.
  3. The translator only see the assigned segments to him. It will not distract him from actual document fragment.

The slit options could be the following:
  •  By pages for MS Word files as many managers within translation departments prefer page as it is more visual approach.
  • By chapters or TOC fragments for MS Word. 
  •  By slides for PowerPoint. Often wanted by translators when the presentation must be translated very fast for important meeting.
  •  Maybe by sheets for MS Excel
  •  By words or characters
  •  By segment numbers
The monitoring feature for each part of the document is vital to estimate the progress and reassign task if necessary.