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over 3 years ago

Terminology approval / discussion on the fly

Assuming each phase of the GroupShare project is defined and both translator and a reviewer are assigned, the following scenario could make sense:

- a translator find a very unclear term in the document, which needs to be discussed with the reviewer without stopping the work and leaving the corrections to the reviewing stage,

- she/he right clicks a phrase and select "ask the reviewer",

- a new window appears: it includes the source term and target translations, plus a comment from a translator), clicking OK sends this comment to the reviewer,

- this specific phrase remains highlighted in the document (and perhaps all the next occurrences of it too?),

- the reviewer receives a notification (it could be an e-mail or a dedicated part of a GroupShare portal just for discussing the terminology, a simplified Q&A forum), 

- when he replies, the message is automatically delivered to a translator in the Studio,

- translator is now able to instantly fix his version of the translation and apply the feedback without stopping the work and sending the package back for review.


This would save tons of work at the reviewing stage and it would also be a huge help for the translator.