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over 2 years ago

64-bit version of Studio

Please create a 64-bit version of Studio. At present only a 32-bit version is available, and therefore it can theoretically only access 2-3GB of system memory, meaning that upgrading your machine with more memory then this does not have any beneficial impact on Studio performance.

When handling large files & projects, allowing Studio access to all of your system's memory would make a huge difference in time and performance, and for this the app needs to be 64-bit.

Are there any plans to release a 64-bit version in future?

  • It would be very useful to have a SDL MultiTerm Desktop 64 bit version and a SDL Trados Studio 64 bit version. The 32 bit version of both software has been not suitable to run on Windows 10 Pro 64 bit for example. The  SDL Trados Studio 32 bit version (SDLTrados Studio 2019 SR2 - has been unstable on Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, i.e. the software closes itself several times, particularly when the Document to be translated is very extensive, for example Chemical Patents of 100 to 500 pages containing a lot of subscripts, superscripts, Tables with a lot of linear organic compound formulas, 1H-NMR spectroscopy number data etc.

  • Creating a new project in 2019 Trados Studio Professional using a mixed-language source file

    IDEA: When the source file has more than one language (e.g. FR-CA and EN-CA), the Source Language field should have a "Mixed Language Source File" option that will make Studio ignore any language-related settings defined in the source file. Example: A HTML 5 source file with a language defined for the body. To avoid having to delete this language definition (which you can do in Notepad), Studio should just ignore it when the "Mixed Language Source File" option is used.

    For more information, speak to Adrian Serediuc (SDL Support) - Case No. 00466987

  • 64-bit version is a necessity at this point. Some of the work my company does requires that we use Mac computers, and the latest OS updates no longer support 32-bit apps. It is only a matter of time that Microsoft starts to move to that direction.

  • I've come to the point that I'm seriously considering changing the CAT tool, because work with Trados has become somewhat of a nightmare. Even copy-paste procedure results in the Studio freezing for several seconds.