Under Community Review

Add features to "Connecting Content Plug-in", make all of its features part of Studio as a standard, or make it compatible with Studio 2021

The app "Connecting Content Plug-In" is an excellent tool as it supports the simultanious opening of multiple SDL Project Packages (SDLPPX) in one go, while applying a specific Project Template that you choose.

It also supports the creation of SDL Return Packages (SDLRPX) of multiple Projects in one go, which is also really great.

However, it doesn't (yet!! hopefully soon Pray) support this:

1) Simultanious creation of "new" SDL Project Packages (SDLPPX) on the basis of multiple "unpacked" Projects

2) Import of multiple SDL Return Packages (SDLRPX) in one go

These two additional features would be really great features to have in addition to the existing features. Even better would it be if all this functionality was made part of the standard functionality of Studio. I'd like to suggest this.

For now, the "Connecting Content Plug-in" is only compatible with Studio 2017 and Studio 2019. Are there any plans to make it compatible with the current version Studio 2021?