Idea Delivered Partially

We have keyboard shortcuts for removing formatting that are similar to Word - You can press Ctrl+Space on any formatted selection and it will remove all formatting from that selection, or you can press Ctrl+Alt+Space to remove all formatting from the segment. So while these are not specifically triggering "No Bold" etc. they might even be considered cleaner as the tags are removed completely rather than potentially inserting extra "no bold" tags or similar.

Adding shortcuts for “No Bold”, “No Italic” and “No Underline”

When the original segment is entirely in italics, bold or other formatting, the only way I know to remove that formatting is to click in the bottom right corner of the QuickInsert sub-tab, as shown below. Since the extra clicks can become very time-consuming in some cases, it would be very useful to have shortcuts (icons or keyboard) for performing the exact same function. 

Also, it is so well hidden that I first thought it was impossible to remove the formatting in such cases, which also tends to demonstrate that adding shortcuts for that would be a great idea.

  • Sometimes we are. I often come across text ranges where the source is italic but I am not allowed to use italic in the target. Most of the time I just have to remove the italic tag but sometimes the italic formatiing is part of a style (eg. hyperlink) which I should not remove. The only way to do this is by overriding the italic property of the style tag with a No Italic tag.

  • ... or at least allow the user to move/copy those tags from the Quickinsert dialog to the toolbar

  • , I already knew about the Ctrl+Space (Clear All Formatting) shortcut, but neither this one nor the Ctrl+Alt+Space (Clear Formatting) shortcut work when the whole segment has a specific formatting (which, sometimes, is not even the case in the original document, where only part of the segment is formatted as such).

    In such cases, I definitely need to use “No Bold”, “No Italic” or “No Underline” to correct the formatting.

    For instance, if the whole segment is in italic and I have to “un-italicize” a specific word (I could explain the typographic reason for that I you want, but that is not the point here), the only way I could do that is by using “No Italic”, which require me to use the mouse, while it would be much more effective to have a keyboard shortcut as an option. 

    RWS would not even need to set specific shortcut combinations for these functions: just providing the option to make our own shortcuts for any QuickInsert menu entry... or any Trados option whatsoever, actually. That would be great.

  • First, there are differences between languages (at least between English and French) with regards to using italics or not, for instance in the title of a document.

    Second, sometimes Trados puts the whole segment in a specific formatting (for instance, italics), while it was only applied to a signle word in the original. Call it a bug or whatever, but in such cases, I have to remove the extra formatting. Also, if for instance I put italics in a segment, I cannot “un-italicize” the text I type afterwards, so I either have to remove all formatting from that segment, ot to go through the QuickInsert operations shown above to reset it.

    Third, and more importantly, the mere fact that Trados Studio developers cared to add “No Bold”, “No Italic”, “No Underline”, etc., in the QuickInsert list is a testament to the fact that there is a relevance to it.

    The present idea it not even about creating theses options, but merely adding shortcuts to functions that – believe it or not – I actually use quite often, as a professional translator.

  • Why would you remove the original formatting from the file? As translators we are not expected to change the text formatting at all...