Under Community Review

Allow users to change segmentation hint for Processing Instruction tags in XML files

For some tags in XML files, Studio does not allow the user to switch segmentation hint between 'May Exclude' and 'Include with text'.
In most cases this is perfectly fine.

But there are cases where for instance tool-specific processing instructions would need to be moved around by translators, but there is no way to switch this tag behavior.
There should be either a generic setting for all processing-instructions, or ideally it might even be made possible for users to specify XPath-based parser rules to specify the segmentation behavior of such inline tags:


Unfortunately, currently, it is not even possible to do a "Merge Segments" in these cases. The only work-around currently is to switch to All-content view and cut the tags from the non-translatable segment and paste it into the translatable segment on the target side of the editor, as seen in this screenshot: