Automatic conversion of units in addition to localisation

Under Community Review

Trados 2007 used to have the ability to convert units as well as localize them.  So go from inches to centimetres for example, or GBP to Euros.  This feature was actually removed because of a lot of adverse feedback from users where rounding errors and other problems were sometimes causing the translation to be incorrect.

I would like to see this feature brought back in but with an editable configuration.  Conversion figures and abbreviations, as well as the freedom to create your own. It should also be possible to turn off the feature of you don't want it.

Under Community Review
  • Studio (or maybe sometimes it is WS, I'm not sure) does such a bad job with much simpler things – I don't think this feature could be trusted :-(

  • I agree, that's why we removed this functionality at some stage and did not implement it in Studio so far. We can still review it but I agree this kind of functionality can become quite intricate and tricky.