Idea Delivered

Not sure if I am missing something but I believe this is fully available when you go via the F3 or context menu -> Concordance Search route. This will copy/paste the search term to the concordance search window.

Let me know in comments if this is not what was meant here and we can always reopen this idea.

Automatizing contextual research in Editor

It happens that one does make a contextual research for a certain term when in the Editor. But there, to the contrary of the Search&Replace module, it is necessary to copy-paste the researched term in the research box of contextual research.

My idea is to automatize this copy-paste, like in the Search&Replace module.


Select the terms (highlight) in Source or Target, go to Contextual Research (where the terms is then already pasted in the box) and Validate the research. It seems it is this way that works the Search&Replace module.

Hope this time it doesn't already exist Slight smile, dear Paul