Under Community Review

Deselect multiple languages at once during project creation in 2019

We work on projects with templates set for a large number of languages as default. These cannot be edited as they are linked to the client system and used by the client to create their own projects. We also cannot currently recreate them with fewer languages as a) the templates are linked to the client system, and b) there are too many for this to be feasible.

However, we use the same templates for internal testing both before client project creation and for validation throughout a project life cycle, but only on one or two languages at a time.

In 2017, we could select and remove multiple languages at once, however in 2019, this is no longer possible and languages must be removed one-by-one from either the language pair box or drop down. This hugely affects testing time for all internal teams, and the removal of this function does not seem logical.

We would request re-implementation of the multiple select/deselect option (even just ctrl+shift) in 2019.