Under Community Review

Enable automatic replacements in Find and Replace window

In Trados Studio Editor, users profit from AutoCorrect options (defined under File > Options > Editor > AutoCorrect). For example, straight apostrophes and straight quotes are automatically converted to language-specific ones.

It would be very useful if the same feature could be enabled for the "Find and Replace" window. In this way, you can type there as you would in the Editor and the search is successful.

Currently, this is not the case as, for example, a straight quote in the "Find and Replace" window cannot match the language-specific one in the Editor.

    1. I feel this desired Search and Replace capability ought to extend to all variants of,  for example, straight apostrophes and straight single qotes in the search-for box,  so as to search for all style-specific and language-specific variant forms implicitly,  without having to enter each form in turn. That is to say, a straight punctuation mark in the search-for box searches for all smart variants and country variants of that mark. Sorry to be wordy, but such a "catch-all"  feature would greatly increase translator efficiency. Regards.