Under Community Review

Expand the functionality of the plug-in "Apply Studio Project Template" to also include your configurations on the tab "Planning and Assignments" in your Project Template

The plug-in "Apply Studio Project Template" is a very great tool. However, it's not (yet!!) possible to apply the configurations you've made on the tab "Planning and Assignments" in the Project Template you want to apply the settings from to selected projects in Studio.

This would be a really great feature to have as you would then avoid all the cumbersome work of

1) publishing each individual project to GroupShare (it's currently not possible to publish more than one project at a time)

2) handling the planning and assignment of every single file in the published project (it's very time-comsuming if it's the same linguist who will be taking care of the whole project and not only some of the files)

Introducing the possibility to apply all of the choises you've made regarding "Planning and Assignments" in your Project Template using "Apply Studio Project Template" could take the job of making assignments to a whole new level - from the file level to the global project level.

In addition to this, it would be really great if the possibility to handle the planning and assignments of GroupShare projects at project level was introduced in Studio (currently, it's only possible at file level).