Under Community Review

Export/import multiple or all file types from a template, project, or Studio settings

As you might be aware, the file type configurations in Studio are not all optimal when coming out of the box. 

As a translation agency we have changed the settings of most filetypes to a certain standard and created a standard project template on which we base all projects and also templates for new clients, modifying the settings as we go along and only if needed on a project basis. For 90% of our projects and clients the standard settings of file types remain the same, and only the TM and language combinations vary. 

At the moment Trados can export only individual file type settings. In order to add or modify several file types in existing templates there is no option of simply replacing them with a whole new set which we'd export from our standard template. This causes inconsistency between the same file types in various templates. 

To qickly remedy such inconsistencies a batch export and import of multiple or all file types would be helpful.