File types and filters for Graphics

Would it be possible to develop File Types for Illustrator (.ai, .eps) and Photoshop (.psd)?
Tech Delivery has multiple projects where has to use external tools (which are not perfect and time-consuming) to export text from Graphics (Illustrator and Photoshop).
Tools are also remove formatting and TD and LO has to spend lot of additional time to fix it.

  • My vote too. Big saves in time and costs on Sysfilter files.

    Even more, if you can develop a filter for Visio files not having to tailor xml filters, that would really be an added value!

  • Hi,

    We actually did speak to Sysfilter support about the Docx support - unfortunately - they couldn't help.


    We have check it again and at the moment we can't solve this DOCX issue. It depends on a third party conversion module.

    Possible workarounds could be a VBA macros for converting the DOC or RTF files to the DOCX format. So the DOCX should be compatible to SDL Trados.

    They were asking for an additional step to be added.


  • Thanks  - it might be possible to give feedback to the third parties behind these apps to see if they can be enhanced with regard to the gaps you have identified.

  • Sysfilter - used at the moment, but:

    - through RTF - loosing formatting and require lot of additional time to fix

    - through XML - take ages to export and another ages to import text

    Copyflow - The latest version works with Illustrator CS6 (no info about CC and newer versions)

    ai-textconvert - up to Illustrator CC

    Anyway, they are good for single projects, not for mass production :(