Idea Delivered Partially

Setting this to delivered partially based on comments

Filter segments and change their status upon confirming them feature


I hope you can introduce this feature:

1. Filter for segments in the Advanced display filter (already available and easy to do).

2. Introduce a feature in the Editor that would allow the translator to confirm active segments (the ones filtered) and change their status automatically to the status the translator wants, so this feature will only work on the filtered active segments. 

I am attaching a screenshot with a similar feature, but for the one I am introducing, I want this to be like a button in the editor window to select a status for all filtered active segments upon confirmation. That would indeed be a life saver in so many situations.

Sameh Ragab

  • I do not see this as partially delivered at all! The concept I am proposing is completely different and has to do with simultaneously changing the segments after confirming them to custom made statuses of the translator's choice based on his proofreading plan and work flow.

  • I totally disagree Jerzy, with all due respect. I will explain why. What you are mentioning above is valid in case you are working one time at some filtered segments with a specific status, so you do that at one time, which is fine in that case.

    The scenarios I am proposing and want to see implemented have to do with projects in which you heavily filter for segments with different statuses (I hope to see a feature where the translator can create his own custom status as well, so that is another issue indeed), and for the translators who move heavily from one filter to another. The problem is when you filter for some segments and start working on them, the status will be "Translated" once you confirm the segment, so in many cases, you will not be able to filter for that segment that has already been confirmed, but if you have the option to change its status as you confirm it to a custom status + Locking it, immediately after confirming it, you will be able to check and filter for those segments again and again at your own will, without losing focus, as in that case you will have a place of all the proofreading stages.

    Hope it makes sense now and if not, I can always be ready for an online chat to explain this in detail.

    have a lovely day ahead.

    Sameh Ragab

  • This feature is already here. Filter, select segments and change status. So I do not see any necessity to change that and make the product even more complicated.