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Under Community Review

further refining of Trados number autopropagation (Studio 2021)


in German depending of what the client wants you need different formatting for numbers. It's fine that with Trados Studio 2021 you can now add your own number formattings but the issues comes up with autopropagation.

- if you only need to follow Duden then you need non-breaking space as thousands separator: 1 000 000.

Autopropagation has no issue here.

- But if you need to follow DIN 5008:20xx then you have 2 different rules:

-- general numbers use non-breaking space as thousands separator: 1 000 000 for all numbers that do NOT relate to currencies.

-- For currencies you use a dot as thousands separator: 1.000.000 EUR/Euro/€

Autopropagation is produces errors as it can only use one of them.

It would be great, if there would be an additional column in the table for defining numbers where you can set with which triggers (list of words) Trados Studio should use a specific format.

No trigger or list of triggers set, use standard number format (1 000 000 Menschen), but if number is followed/preceded by word in the trigger list, then use that specific format (in our case the list includes all currency symbols/abbreviations/names: 1.000.000 Euro

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  • I warmly endorse this idea, and likewise, mutatis mutandis, for converting from French notations into English: spaces (breaking and non-breaking) and dots ('.') as thousands separators, and French decimal commas into English decimal points - and the reverse when working into French. At present, even in Studio 2021, these changes have to be introduced by hand, and even then, they generate copious flurries of spurious "wrong localisation" error flags. Time is wasted wading through these flags. D'avance merci to the programming and development teams for what they can do to stem these "false arrests"!

  • Edit: you can already select which format to use for currencies, but what I mean is apply it also if the words (EUR, USD, Euro, Zloty, aso.) not only the symbol shows up.