Idea Delivered Partially

Delivered partially through AnyTM. Beyond that it's tricky to do this, for instance since all linguistic pattern recognition (times, dates, numbers, measurements etc.) is based on the specific regional languages - e.g. English UK times are very different from English US ones, the same goes for measurements etc. So this is by design in a way but AnyTM was introduced to have a pragmatic solution for those cases where you would like to work with several regional variants at the same time.

Give us translators an option to simply add "English" as source language when creating a TM

Hi Studio developers

I would like to have an option to simple add "English" (not US, UK, or other variants) as source language when creating a TM, so that the TM can be used and accept translation records from other English variants no matter language pair a project is based. 

Thank you!!!

  • Hi Adrian

    I am using Studio 2021 and know AnyTM is an option, which I use it from time to time. But what such option lacks is the ability to update the original TM simultaneously. If I can use a TM regardless of its language variant for a project, the TM can receive updates globally. In my workflow, I don't care if it's American English or British English for source language. To me, it makes sense to segregate target variants, but doesn't to differentiate source variants (i.e. English).

  • Hi Christen,

    This is already possible when using the AnyTM option. If you have an older Studio version the AnyTM is an app, but in newer versions we integrated it in the product. Let us know if you were able to find that and use it. It is not specific to English or another language though, it allows you to add any TM to any language pair.

    Thank you


  • Is this already permitted in other languages?