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Under Community Review

Improve the behaviour of Verify when handling inconsistent translations

Studio Verify flags many "sentences" as inconsistent translations although only the formatting tags differ. The associated message details shows the same segment details that are already highlighted and only the segment number of the deviant number).

Suggestion 1: Provide Verify option to match only the “text content”; tags are already matched with other Verify options. This reduce the false positives.

Suggestion 2: The Verify message shows the deviant segment.

  • I agree that number verification needs to be improved, some errors are not even consistent, as in the following casePDF 

  • This is an improvement that I endorse, and that ranks with other desired improvements, such as accurate recognition of number and currency translations. As matters stand, even in Studio 21, I get false flags when I use standard currency and number translations. Perhaps these can be adjusted somewhere under Options.