Idea Delivered Partially

Delivered at least partially in MS Word common settings ("Extract alternative text" option which is off by default).

Incorporating accessibility elements (e.g. titles of diagrams and accessibility description) into translation workflow for MS Word documents

I am increasingly having to ensure document accessibility for the translations of publications that I am involved with (e.g. studies, soft law instruments etc.) and this includes having to ensure the accessibility of the document - a process that currently involves using AxesPDF in Word after the translation process.

I often have to go through the target language document and translate the alternative texts (titles and descriptions) of graphics embedded in the document.

I have a workround that I can use to manually insert the translations through Acrobat Professional (this involves copying the titles and descriptions into an Excel file and translating and reinserting the items), so it would be a productivity gain to be able to do that from within Studio. 

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