Under Community Review

Make Sdl.TranslationStudio.Editor.TranslationEditor.Actions public

... at least those which can be accessed via SendKeys anyway


(Sorry, if this is the wrong group for posting API ideas. I couldn't find anything better.)

  • Hi Romulus,

    Thank you for taking this under review.

    In my plugin Wordbird I could use some of those actions currently in 2 places: for merging and splitting segments (ie.  MergeSegmentsAction and SplitSegmentsAction). As a workaround I'm using Sendkeys, but as you know this is neither efficient nor safe or reliable. On top of this I have to burden the user with complicated keyboard shortcut assignment concerns.

    I can't quite see why those actions are hidden away from us when they can be freely used by AHK / Sendkeys.


  • Hi Angela,

    Can you please provide some information's around what scenarios you're looking to implement using some of the actions?