Under Community Review

More options to customize Translations Results window (better visibility of fuzzy matches)


Our team has some ideas of customizing Translation Results window. Below is the screen from original Options > Editor > Translation Results Window, from Studio 2017, I guess it didn't change at all in 2019.

Suggestions from our linguistic team:

  • Option to enable/disable displaying each type of source segment difference separately (inserted and deleted content).
  • Option to group the detected source segment differences rather than display the changes word by word.

    The default way to display differences is oldfirstwordnewfirstword oldsecondwordnewsecondword

    We would love to see the option that would change it to oldfirstword oldsecondwordnewfirstword newsecondword

    In the example below it would be instrument componentsInstrument Guide
    Of course, the same would apply in case of longer phrases replaced by new phrases.


  • I would like to add that the current display overreacts to single-letter changes (for example, plural endings) by striking out the entire word. In French for example, each word from an earlier "l'information présentée nécessite..." would be entirely crossed out if we later come across "les informations présentées nécessitent...".

  • I would simply summarize that: return to how it was in the "good old" Workbench. This view was perfect and allowed usage of matches down to 30%