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Please bring back native support for Google Translate, and preferably add Azure too.


When I upgraded from 2019, I didn't think a feature that was already supported natively would be removed with the upgrade.

I managed to install MT Enhanced plugin to use Google/Microsoft translators for now.

However, what if the developer (Patrick Porter i believe) decides to take it down from the SDL Appstore for any reason?

Trados 2021 users won't be able to use Google/Microsoft translation APIs.

And since I upgraded, my 2019 license is no longer available, leaving me no options for using Google Translate API if that third party app is taken down.

I am aware SDL offers its MT engine, but in some language pairs, Google is still better.

Good MT integration is one of the reasons why I use it, and I really hope you bring back "native" support for these APIs, not through third-party apps.