Idea Delivered Partially

Possibility to creat a shortening for long words.

I have been using Trados for many years. My first works in Trados are from 2004.

When I worked with Trados 2007, I often used the function where you could save words under an abbreviation. The word then appeared when an F key was pressed. You removed this function when you launched Trados Studio 2009. You introduced the AutoText function instead.

However, the AutoText function is poorly adapted for technical texts. Since many technical words have the same introduction, e.g. motor-, a line of suggestions may appear when writing the first letters. There may be 20 suggestions or more. This is not helpful. Then it is often faster to print the word yourself.

In the old Trados version, you could decide for yourself what a long word should be shortened to. It was much more useful, especially in technical texts.

I hope with each new edition of Trados Studio that even the function where you can get used to the abbreviation of a long word, will come back. However, this has not yet happened.

  • Fair point, changed to "Idea Delivered Partially". Good to know it works as a compromise - I know of many users who use AutoCorrect in this way.

  • Thanks Paul. Yes, I see it is not the same but it is a compromise in the meantime. 


    I don't believe this is what  is after.  In Trados 2007 you can select your text in TagEditor and press Alt+F3.  This allows you to then add the entry with the abbreviated text to your list.  In Trados Studio we do have AutoCorrect but you have to either import lists into it, or go into the options and manually add them.  There isn't  way to do this from the translation editor directly unless you use AutoText which is what he has noted.

    At least this is my reading of this request.

    Perhaps Bengt can confirm?  And don't forget to vote for your own idea if it gets reopened.

  • Hi Bengt,

    I think you can easily create your own entries with AutoCorrect (and not AutoText).

    You can find it under File > Options > Editor > AutoCorrect.
    For each language variant you can set up your own abreviations and decide what they should be replaced with.

    AutoCorrect lists can also be imported and exported (meaning that you can use customer- or sector-specific abbreviations.