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Propagation of glossary terms interspersed with source text into target segments


I would like to know what I should do to automatically propagate glossary terms into target segments interspersed with source text (or even fuzzy matches) portions. Is this feature possible for 2015 or 2021 Trados Studio versions? I know the simple command copy source to target. However, I would like to learn about this specific auto-propagation feature.

In Wordfast Classic, I would do this by combining "propagate" with "copy source when no match" features. So, every time I changed segments, terms in the glossary would jump into the source segment amidst untranslated source text if there was no match.

This feature is particularly useful for those long terms we have added to the term base. According to the regular procedure for term base inclusion in the target segment, we use Ctrl+, to see the drop-down menu and choose between the similar terms. It takes us some time to select the right option and not get confused when there are similar terms. Think of long terms such as: Preliminar Financial Statements + Interim Financial Statements + End-of-Year Financial Statements.]

For certain types of documents, it is better if the CAT propagates all long terms included in the term base together with the remaining source text into target segment. Then, we would only have to translate the untranslated portions or edit the fuzzies, if any.