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Provide DITA parser that doesn't hide inline tags at the beginning or end of a segment.

Studio default DITA parser defines most inline tags, if not all, to be "May Exclude" which causes inline tags at the beginning or end of a segments to be hidden. Provide the DITA parser where all inline tags are defined as "Include with text"

  • The basic problem with these segmentation hints is that in most cases for placeholder/empty tags you need "Include with Text", whereas for tag pairs the setting "May Exclude" is mostly to be preferred.

    Very problematic are then cases where a tag occurs in both situations (placeholder and tag-pair), so you would need two XPath-based parser rules to distinguish between the two situations:


    <para><ph id="id" /> Text</para>

    Ideally Studio should have a supplementary segmentation hint:

    "May Exclude if tag pair, but include with text if stand-alone tag"

  • Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for your comment. I sent you an email with examples. Thanks, Naoko

  • Thanks . This is a bit tricky as we have conflicting requirements - clean segments (with no leading and trailing tags) but at the same time inline tags to be shown within segments so translators can do the best job linguistically. May Exclude is great for meeting the best balance typically. But can I see examples where the current file type settings cause linguistic issues, and which tags are affected by this specifically? Thanks, Daniel