Provide word count report by reading segment status and match values

Idea Delivered Partially

Studio does not provide word count reports based on segment status and match values.

I believe TMS and Passolo can provide word count reports based on segment status and match values without having TMs where all the TM matches originated from.

This is really challenging for some of large projects we receive from WS for example. Our client WS instance cannot create a single job that contains millions of words in WS. we are having to download each wsxz and create a single Studio project for analysis purposes. We are also having problems with downloading all the relevant TMs from WS since there are many of them and we will need to match TM settings for each downloaded TM in Studio project. 

One of the reasons we are doing this way is because just opening one wsxz and analyzing it for word count report takes about 3 hours, and you will need to do it 50 times, which is not practical. We are unzipping wsxz and creating a Studio project from SDLXLIFF in the target folders instead.

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Idea Delivered Partially

Would the WIP report in Studio not do this?

  • Hi,

    Actually, I would like to have this feature delivered still. The functionality we would like to be delivered is already available in TMS with Passolo integration.

    When Passolo Bundles (TBU) is uploaded to TMS for job creation,

    TMS reads status of segments such as CM, For review, 100% matches, Fuzzy matches, New

    TMS analyzes TBU against TMS TMs only for fuzzy matched and New segments if better TM match is found

    TMS provides Word Count Report where CM, For review, 100% matches from Passolo are maintained, and updated fuzzy and new word count against TMS TMs.

    Can we do the similar analysis in Studio where:

    - CM, PM, signed-off, etc are maintained in the word count report even when they are not present in TM in Studio project, and

    - analyze the content with fuzzy and new status against TMs, and

    - provided hybrid word count report