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QA: add ignore (all) button


It would be nice if you could add "Ignore" and "Ignore all" buttons to the QA tab. Just like you already have buttons for "Delete Notificiation" and "Delete all Notifications".

This would speed up workflow a lot as it's easier to click a button than having to right-click and then select the action.



  • What would be useful would be a way of clicking in the central status column (between source and target text) to be able to "ignore" an error message.

    However, any change would have to be very carefully thought through as Studio is already a very large and complex application.

  • Thinking of it, instead of buttons it would also help a lot if it were just a shortcut/hot key to be added as that would be even faster: Select message -> shortcut

  • Hi Jerzy, agreed about stability. On the other hand, I don't think it would be that much of a challenge to add them as there are already buttons for deleting one or all messages, so they would only need to add buttons with the same action than the selection in the drop down menu. Not such a big deal from what I know from my programmer experience. The action is already programmed, so they only need to add the trigger (button) and add the already existing and working action to the buttons. That's more or less 5 minutes of work per button, if not less.

  • Yes, that's right. It's the buttons that I'd like to have as it's less clicking around

  • Well, then first you need to add the possibility to select several messages in one go. Until now it is not possible—and unless it is there is no need to have a button IMO.

    TBH I would very much welcome more effort on stability and usability of the current features instead of adding new ones, especially such, which can already be used in a little bit different way,