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over 3 years ago

Segment history / Studio + GroupShare Project Server

Instead of checking out files it would be perfect if you could simply right-click a segment in Studio and see the entire segment history. In the background, GroupShare would download all the segment versions from the file repository and display it to a user in a separate window in Studio. This could be great to track when a specific terminology change occurred and why, who changed the translation of a specific segment several versions ago etc.

  • Yep,  it makes sense. I just wanted to make sure we understood this one.  Thank you.

  • Yes, I am aware of this option, but it's something completely different from I described here. Downloading a specific version allows you to open each file separately. If you are translating and you have 2000 segments to go through, there's simply not enough time to download 6-7 versions of file and open them, and them search for the specific segment. My idea is that you continue your work in the editor and then right-click the segments and select "Segment history". If you're working on a GroupShare project this would be active, and it would download all file versions in in the background, then search this specific segment (simply jumping to segment no), and then aggregate the results in a separate window with all the previous translations of this specific segments. I am aware that first run would probably be slow (several files need to be downloaded and then a little bit of processing to display the view) - but the alternative would be to download all file versions in the background when the file is opening. This is where we can safely waste a couple of seconds. We wouldn't want to slow down the editor.  

  • Hi , are you aware of the option to see specific versions for each of the files in a GroupShare project? You need to right click on the file and choose Download Specific version. You probably want even more granularity and be able to see a similar view but for each individual segment? Can you confirm / elaborate on this a bit?