"Smarter" Status Bar

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Hi all,

It would be really great to have a Status bar in Studio that reflects filtered contents as well as selections. Whatever I filter out of the Editor view, the Status bar keeps displaying the word counts of the entire file.

Also, we often are supposed to only review a certain percentage of new translations, so it would be enormously helpful to be able to select from the frist segment downwards and getting the word count of the current selection in the Status bar (just as MS Word does).

At the moment, there is no way of determining how many segments we have to review in order to cover a specified word count.

For the time being, I help myself out with either "Export for bilingual review" to do the counting in Word, BUT this does not work when the project comprises several files, because Studio creates one RTF per Xliff (which is completely useless for this purpose). So, for multiple Xliffs, I need to do the math in memoQ!

Please consider updating the statistics display in the Status bar in such a way that selections are being taken into account.

Thanks and best regards,

Under Community Review
  • Hi Stefan,

    agreed. For the time being instead of exporting, you could also open the files, change segments to locked and tell the batch analysis task to count locked segments as separate category.

    Another way would be to leave them unlocked and change segments to some other status like "not confirmed" (or any other status not used in that translation) to get the actual word count directly in Editor view until you get the word count needed.



  • Hi Pascal,

    The problem is that I need to review only a certain percentage of "Translated" words. So yes, the status bar shows, say, 16423 words with a status of "Translated", but I need to review only 2000 of them. So, what now?

    Best regards,