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Studio or its filter for PPT to be upgraded to support prep and back conversion for the PPT having Smart objects

Hello Team,

Recently we faced problem in prepping PPTX file, it get prepped properly but while back converting the file it PPT get corrupted and was going into repair mode. We did many test and finally found that Smart objects (Charts created by using new options in today's version of PPT) was creating the problem, we deleted them from the file and did the prep and Pseudo conversion and found the file get opened properly without any repair error.

Could you please improve the studio or its filter for PPTX to support to prep and post Smart objects too.

You can use the PPTX file placed in below path for your test:
L:\Delivery (A-L)\HHW\HHW_HIEAXX_002\489107\01_SRC\Orig

  • Hi Magesh, thanks for your idea. Placing path info here won't work, also this is more of a bug which you should report through the support channels, I suggest we close this item here Former Member. Thanks, Daniel