synonyms - like in MS Word

Idea Delivered Partially

Synonyms - like in MS Word - maybe with a right-click


That would come in handy during proof reading and rewording sentences for a better flow.

I use it in my second proofing (in the target document) all the time.

If that is already available, like spellcheck, please advise on how to implement it. 

Idea Delivered Partially

Setting to "Delivered partially" as users can achieve this via the Web Lookup app -

  • Hi  - have you looked at the Web lookup app? It can connect to synonym sites (as one of the many options), and you can configure your own web searches? Thanks, Daniel

  • Agree that the Web lookup app is very handy, but I think the best solution for quickly getting English synonyms for a selected word in Studio is this AMAZING AutoHotkey script:

    • info:

    • script:

    I have no idea how it does it so fast, but in a second or two it

    (1) takes your selected word and runs a search for it at,

    (2) scrapes the relevant synonyms/antonyms from the HTML page, and

    (3) presents them in a very clear/compact little dialogue!

    I will demonstrate it by selecting words on this page and triggering it via my keyboard shortcut...

    Pretty cool, huh?!

    Watch my screencast of the script in action @