Upgrade assistant

Under Community Review

Fear of upgrading the Studio to a newer version is quite common. This is mainly because of issues with licensing (deactivating and activating licenses) and moving resources. There is the Migration assistant, but it does not solve the problem for less technologically-savvy users. We need a very simple app, that will:

1) check the current version and license 

2) connect to oos to see if there is a new version (this is where a user could log in)

3) ask the user if he wants to upgrade

4) automatically obtains the available license code and ask the user if he wants to assign it to the current machine

5) create a backup of all existing projects and move them to the newly installed version of Studio

6) automatically activate new Studio and leave the previous version activated as well.


And all this with just few clicks. 

Under Community Review
  • Gets my vote, but this doesn't go far enough.  It should also optionally migrate everything you have customised or added to in your current version of Studio.  All these things (autocorrect wordlists, customers, templates, bookmarks, QA settings etc.) should be in one centrally stored location instead of random location, or as many are "not available at all".