Planned for Future Release

Thanks Sabrina - we are indeed planning this for a future release - probably not in the immediate future but it is indeed an important gap to address as soon as we can. Thanks!

Uploading SDLTB files to SDL Trados Live

Reported Release:

This idea regards SDL Trados Live (launched with SDL Trados Studio 2021).

Idea Details:

At present on SDL Trados Live it is only possible to create an empty termbase and then upload i.e. import .xml, .tbx,  .xlsx, and .csv files, but not to upload directly termbases as .sdltb files.

For people like me, who have to use a mobile device with iOS (i. e. an iPad Pro 4th gen.) in certain situations, it is impossible to create a terminological resource on SDL Trados Live, as it is necessary to convert the .sdltb file to .xml, .tbx,  .xlsx, or .csv.

Therefore I suggest:

- to implement the possibility to upload .sdltb files directly to SDL Trados Live


- to create an online (browser-based) coverter for converting .sdltb to .xml, .tbx,  .xlsx, or .csv, and exporting also the termbase definition file .xdt


- to create an app for iOS for converting .sdltb to .xml, .tbx,  .xlsx, or .csv, and exporting also the termbase definition file .xdt (similar to the Glossary Converter for Windows)


This is what you see when you click on Import from a termbase on SDL Trados Live:

Business process:

When working on a mobile device with iOS, projects are created directly on SDL Trados Live, where all resources are accessible, or can be imported directly, as for example translation memories in .sdltm format. Therefore, project creation, management, translation, and finalisation can all be managed directly on SDL Trados Live, without the need to use a Windows computer. 

Gap and benefits:

There is only one exception to this all-online project management: the termbase, which has to be first converted from .sdltb to .xml, .tbx,  .xlsx, or .csv on a Windows (or Mac) computer, and the termbase definition file has to be exported as well using a Windows/Mac to the .xdt format, in order to recreate the terminological resource (i. e. the termbase) on SDL Trados Live, using the .xdt for the termbase definition and then importing data from  .xml, .tbx,  .xlsx, or .csv.

Being able to upload the .sdltb termbase directly, and/or convert it online, and/or convert it using an app for iOS, would save time, and make SDL Trados Live the ideal online platform for translation and terminology projects.

Thank you,