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over 1 year ago

When checking for non-usage of target terms, accept if one target term is used

When using the concept-oriented approach to glossaries, we will often have several entries for the same word. For example, there would be one entry for the concept of "substance to dye wood" and one for the concept of "discoloration":

Substance to dye wood: 
English: stain
German: Beize

English: stain
German: Fleck

With such a situation, which is very frequent at least in the field I work in, each occurrence of "stain" will produce a warning of the Terminology Check module of Studio because you either did not use "Fleck" or you did not use "Beize". 

I would like to suggest what I believe to be a simple solution: Give the user the option (another checkbox), to make Studio more tolerant. If any target term of any project TermBase is in the target text, it passes the Terminology check. In this example, either "Beize" or "Fleck" would do, but using neither would trigger the Terminology Check warning.

Thank you for considering this suggestion.