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over 4 years ago

Add OOTB Reuse Snapshot Report

We would like to have a very basic reuse report added to Knowledge Center. This report could simply include all topics  in the repository that are used in more than one publication.

The user group put together the attached document, but it is intended as a guideline only. We are open to different ways of presenting (and calculating) reuse in a very basic, out-of-the-box way. For example, the document says that only topics should be counted, but we would be open to counting all objects.

KC User Group Reuse Snapshot Report Request.docx

  • Hello, this idea has my support to. In big companies like GE Healthcare where I'm responsible for Tridion Docs there's always input to KPIs requested, and I just had a request from management regarding the following metrics:

    • Number of publication released
    • New publication created
    • New topics created
    • Percentage of reused content by publication
    • New image files added to Tridion folders, etc.

    So it would be great to have some metrics functionality in TD15.

    Not just for reuse.



  • Adding my +1 vote for OOTB reuse report.

  • I'd also like to request having an OOTB report.  Providing open source for custom development is great, but that means we have to find a resource in house that can do this work.  

  • We don't need a an solution that causes analysis-paralysis. A base model would that can be improved over time would be great right now. In a single report, letting us know which topics, images, and maps are used more than once. This could be the 'base model'. Over time, add in conrefs, keys, etc. This will help us show how much time and money we save writing our content. If we reuse 1000 topics x 45 minutes per new topic x 40/hr per writer we could show a time savings of 750 hours and a money savings of $30K per major release. Currently there's no easy OOB method of getting this value.

  • I support above comments, especially the open-source option. I can think of many uses for being able to make custom reports on-the-fly.