Under Community Review

Delete plugins similar to Write plugins

Proposed interface:

Current access model allows read or write access only on the folders. Child folders get the same access similar to the parent folder. In this way, we do not have the complete control on the child folder's objects like graphics or topics. If we have the Delete plugins with the help of metadata on the items, delete action can be controlled more precisely. 

  •  I hope this will be climbing to top in your backlog soon!

  • In the initial design of the .NET based plugin system, it was deliberately chosen to name the plugins "IWrite..." indicating that they would trigger on write operations like create/update/checkin/etc. By extension there are entries on our backlog for "IDelete..." and "IMove...", the other typical verbs you want to track. The last verb is "IRead..." but offering plugins here might completely slow down any system (definitely if the implementation is poor on performance).

    So in short, we are aware, it however never made it to the top of the backlog.